Saturday, February 05, 2005

WHAT was I thinking?

Woke up this morning with a sudden urge to create a blog ... which I never thought I'd do. But since I've been inspired by some of my on-line QuiltArt friends (about whom more later), thought I'd take the plunge. Maybe it will help to break the artistic block I've been suffering for the last few months.

F-e-a-r ... fear of failure, fear that I have nothing to offer to the art world, fear that I'm really nothing more than a crafter. I'm a pretty good technician, can follow and execute instructions, but have a terrible time making myself experiment. Today is the day I change all that.

... we shall see.


  1. You do have something to offer...I have been more than impressed with your lovely work on your blog...thanks for joining the crowd.....bytw slow are making me tired with all this

  2. I've never read your earliest entries -- had fun looking at a few just now. You are amazingly creative!

    I hope I will be as much one day too .... when I have a tad more time to call my own, perhaps?


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