Friday, January 27, 2006

More Treasure Boxes

Here are two more Treasure boxes ... one is the original "onion-head" shape, and one is triangular. There is also a shot of the inside of the triangle box, and a final shot of the 3 of the boxes together.


  1. Oh linda - these are LOVELY!!!

    What an inspiration you are....I have those little treasures on my list to try soon....may have to put them closer to the top of the list!!!
    GREAT JOB!!!

  2. These are lovely! Just spent a very enjoyable time going through your blog; lots to look at and think about! I.E. did you paint directly on the timtex?

  3. Hi, Dale Anne and Jen ... thanks for your nice comments! No, I didn't paint directly on the Timtex on this project ... each box shape is made of fabric fused to both sides of the Timtex, then cut into shape. After stitching, the edges need to be finished in some way, such as a metallic paint. I'm not happy with these edges, next time I will try Treasure Gold.

  4. Hi, Linda:
    I love your treasure boxes...not only the shape or the colors (which are perfect by the way!) but the whole concept...makes me have a fantasy trip!


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