Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lapis Sunburst Collar

My Dad had this gorgeous necklace made for my Mom, quite a few years ago in Mexico ... he thinks it may have been in San Miguel de Allende. It has a wrap-around collar made to fit her neck, with a large (25x38mm) lapis lazuli cabochon in the center of the 4" x 5" hand-wrought starburst. (For some reason the beautiful veining and the shine of the lapis do not show up well in this photo.)

Both the collar and the starburst are signed (engraved) by the artist on the back. I had the metal tested by a jeweler, who proclaimed it a copper-heavy bronze. The whole piece is very heavy in weight.

I just spent almost an hour cleaning this piece, and want to preserve its beauty for as long as possible before having to clean it again. I've been advised that a lacquer coating is recommended for bronze, but my local jeweler doesn't do that type of work. I'm wondering if a couple of light coatings of a non-yellowing spray acrylic protectant would work, without harming the metal. Or an automotive spray protectant? Of course I would protect the lapis cab first. Any suggestions?

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  1. it's too bad we don't "do" jewelry here at our studio (bronze sculpture). yes, we shoot a final coat of laquer on the bronzes to help protect the patina. have you considered an autobody shop that specializes in paint? they put a final coat of clearcoat on a car's paint. i don't know if clearcoat and laquer are the same thing but you could check. or check out an metal art foundry. we have 2 in our town but they are located all over the states. good luck. /paula


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