Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Monet Bracelet

Sweet Annie, one of the Art Girls, taught me the Square Stitch last week, and even gave me all the beads I needed from her own stash to help me make this Monet Bracelet. This was many, many hours in the making, but well worth the effort, I think. Thank you Annie!

Then I just had to make some little earrings to go with it ... a bit frustrating to work in such a small scale, as they have the same square-stitch base. But well worth it, I think.

(Click on the image to see an enlargement, then click again on the lower right-hand "arrow box" to enlarge it even further.)


  1. Love it, Linda!!! I wish I lived near you so I could learn. Will you show me sometime?

  2. OH what did you do looks like lots of fringe??!

  3. what great colors Linda! I love it.


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