Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rusted Cotton Print

Well, I thought I'd rust this yard-and-a-half of a sweet little calico white-on-white print that I've had for about a million years, since it was going to rot on my shelf otherwise, so a couple of weeks ago I took it out on the patio, stuck it in a jellyroll pan (I don't think I ever made jellyrolls in my life) with some rusty tin boxes, and poured some vinegar over it. I kept meaning to pick it up and bring it in to wash it, but the longer it stayed there, the yuckkier it got, and the more I kept putting it off.

Finally I got up my nerve and unwound the nasty thing from the now-nearly-disintegrated tin boxes, whacked it a few times against the trunk of the oak tree (nearly scaring the resident squirrel into apoplexy), gingerly carried it into the house between two fingers, and dumped it in the washing machine along with an old beach towel for ballast. One Hot-Dryer-Load later ...


  1. O Linda, it's gorgeous! Now I know why I want to try this out. Thanks for your suggestions to quiltart!

  2. Looks great, Linda!

  3. Linda, why, oh why, don't you live closer?? I am jealous of Lynn that she gets to visit you today and play.

    As always, I LOVE your art!!


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