Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beyond the Borders - Gallery Show

If you've been wondering where I've been, I do have an excuse ... the dog ate my homework! (No wait, that was my 5th grade excuse ... oh, I've got it now ...)

My contemporary art-quilt group, Beyond the Borders, was asked to put together a group show for the new Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, Texas. The Opening Reception was held on Friday, February 2, 2007, hosted by the inimitable Gerald Tobola and his charming wife Debbie, owners of the gallery.

Since this was our first gallery show as a group, there was a rather steep learning curve for most of us (although a few had shown work publicly before). Nevertheless, we did make the deadline (whew!) and were very happy with the turnout and the warmth with which we and our work were received. Here are some pics from the opening, and a couple from the following day.

In the first picture is Liz Broussard's "Java Jeans", constructed of recycled coffee filters and bluejeans. In the second pic is her "Obliquity", flanked on all sides by smaller works by others in our group, as well as some amazing wood-working artists represented by Gerald and Debbie.

First is Mary Ann Littlejohn's "Coastlines", which hangs behind the counter, and second is my "Dragons Need Love Too", which Gerald generously highlighted in a special display, along with the book, "Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project", in which it is pictured.

And here's the view behind the counter, with Mary Ann Littlejohn's "Coastline" and Susan King's astonishingly life-like butterflies and moths.

Here is Susan King with her "huntin' buddy", followed by Virginia Spiegel visiting with Nancy Dickey. Virginia drove over with Liz Berg from their temporary digs as Artists in Residence at Karey Bresenhan's Creativity Center nearby, to see our show and have dinner at the famous Royers' Cafe.

Susan King, Mary Ann Littlejohn, and Liz Broussard, dishin' the dirt. Then there are Connie Fahrion, Virginia Spiegel, Liz Berg with our beloved host Gerald Tobola, owner of the Copper Shade Tree Gallery.

What's wrong with this picture? Debbie is working the cash register while Gerald is having fun with the artists and visitors! Debbie is a doll, and tends to work tirelessly "behind the scenes". In the next picture, Liz Berg checks out the artwork.

Neighboring gallery owner Marilyn Barbour arrived in her adorable glove-covered vest and "fascinator" hat, which made her the belle of the ball. She's visiting here with Mary Ann Littlejohn and Nancy Dickey. The next pic just shows some of the art-appreciators cruising the gallery.

Above are most of us ... Beyond the Borders ... from left to right:
Susan King, Nancy Dickey, Cathy Winter, Elaine Connelly, Connie Fahrion, Linda Minton, Mary Ann Littlejohn, Liz Broussard, and Nivea Chislet.

The next day, some of us had lunch at ... what was the name of that little place? on the other side of the even tinier town of Warrenton. (Ah yes ... The Oaks ... thanks Cathy!) Here, we are taking our cue from Karey's luncheon, where they all decided to take the elegant "hide the double-chin" pose for the camera. Liz Broussard, Cathy Winter, Linda Sura, Zee-I'm-Sorry-I-Don't-Know-Her-Last-Name, followed by Connie Fahrion, Susan King, and Nancy Dickey.

Nancy Dickey, me (Linda Minton), Liz Broussard, and Cathy Winter. Still hiding our double chins! (Well, some of us have more chins than others!)
What a wonderful opening we had ... and the show continues during the month of February, so if you get a chance, go by the gallery ... Copper Shade Tree, 206 E. Mill St., Round Top, Texas. Phone 979-249-4127 (closed Mondays). (shameless self-promotion, but hey, it's my blog!)


  1. The Oaks -- that's where we ate on Saturday. Fabulous photos too Linda! Thanks for sharing.

    Cathy Winter

  2. Linda, would you please do more shameless self-promotion and show us close-ups of your work????

  3. Oh Linda, this was such a great show! Wonderful art by all of you, lots of great food and fun talking to everyone! Congratulations on all of the sales for all of you and the great party!!

  4. Linda - Your opening made my Top Ten best things I did while in Texas. Beautiful work, well presented. Gerald's gallery is the perfect setting for fiber art. Congratulations! Virginia Spiegel

  5. Beautiful fiber art exhibit and a wonderful gallery space.
    Thanks for sharing.


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