Saturday, November 10, 2007

2007 Journal Quilt

Having been totally remiss in posting lately, I thought I'd start catching up by finally posting my 2007 Journal Quilt. This was the last year for the Journal Quilt Project, begun in the QuiltArt List and sponsored by Karey Bresenhan at the Houston International Quilt Festival (and traveling to other Festivals afterwards), and I was proud to have taken part in the project for the past several years.

eyePod, 17x22"

and here's my Artist's Statement which is displayed with the quilt:

“eyePod” grew from two of my favorite things … Nature’s forms and puns, or plays on words. I love the pod form, and had been playing with it in some of my jewelry-making, so it naturally came to mind when it came time to create my final Journal Quilt. My “pod” just needed some eyes to complete the pun.

On my hand-painted background, I painted the orange pod and the eyes, but the pod seemed too bright, so I covered it with one of my hand-dyed silks, which toned it down and imparted some shading as well. I then stitched around the eyes and cut away the silk so that the eyes were clearly seen again, and thread-painted the eyelashes. After quilting, the final touch was to add the tiny “apple of my eye”, as well as a crystal teardrop or two.

As an experienced quilter but an insecure artist when the Journal Quilt Project began several years ago, I can safely say that this project has pushed and prodded my “creative bone”. Now, thanks to the freedom to “play” and to see my work displayed without the novice’s fear of judgment, I have gained confidence and greatly expanded my artistic horizons. I’m sorry to see the Project end. Thank you, Karey!


  1. Oh, I love the punniness of this plus it is a beautiful piece.

  2. Your eye pod is so clever and really neat looking. I love plays on words. Good-O.

  3. Luv it, Linda! The colors are bright, it's whimsical, funny, and an attention grabbing wall hanging!
    Jan Johnson

  4. This piece was so fun to see in person! I loved just hanging by and watching the reaction of people who "got it". :-)

  5. I love your eye pod, what a great piece. Made me smile!!!!!


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