Sunday, January 13, 2008

Three more

I came across a few more pieces that I missed in my first run-through of collected art on my walls ... here they are for your enjoyment.

"The Right Stuff" - pastel study for an oil painting of
my grandmother, Hallie Teddlie, on photo safari in Africa.
(From a photograph ... she was in her 80's at the time.)

"Archangel" by Chris Minton
Chris is my youngest stepson, a school teacher, with
largely untapped but natural artistic abilities. This was
a Christmas gift.

"Mask" by Connie Fahrion. I fell in love with this when
Connie had it on display at the Beyond the Borders Art
Quilt Exhibit last year, and bought it. Click on the picture
for more details.


  1. Ohhhh, "Mask" is a fabulous piece! I will have to do a search for that artist.

  2. I love all these- but am really impressed and awed by your grandmother going on safari in her eighties! You come from strong genes!

  3. Thanks, Karen & Jeanne, for your comments. Yes, my grandmother was in her 80's during this African safari ... she went with her OLDER sister. I would agree that I come from strong (and adventurous) genes!


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