Saturday, February 16, 2008

Copper Shade Tree Gallery goes live on the Web!

Connie Fahrion, Debbie Tobola, Barbara Jensen, Susan King, Liz Broussard, and Nancy Dickey on the back row, and Gerald Tobola, Linda Minton, and Cathy Winter in the front.
Mary Ann Littlejohn must have been taking the picture!

Ready just in time for Opening Reception of the Beyond the Borders month-long show and sale at our beloved Copper Shade Tree Gallery, our friend Dave Hardin finished the new-and-improved website for the Copper Shade Tree, and went "live" with it on the web, including a very easy navigation system and a shopping cart! You can search by Artist, Category, Collection, etc. It's still a work-in-progress, but it is really beautifully done and easy to roam around. ("Try it, you'll like it!")

I'm very remiss in reporting this wonderful development, but have been recuperating from the rush of getting ready for the show, including a lovely beach-retreat with my traditional quilting friends. Now I'm back "in the groove" and hope to post a bit more regularly.

Thank you Dave and Denna Hardin, for the website and all the help at the Opening Reception, and thank you Gerald and Debbie Tobola, owners of The Copper Shade Tree Gallery, for the wonderful venue for our artwork.


  1. Very big congratulations to you Linda on your show! I hope you have a fantastic month!
    Only wish I could be there.


  2. What a grand group of artists! Wish I could have been there Friday night, but I'm oh so happy I had the good fortune to meet you and others on Saturday. I often think of the things y'all shared that day.

  3. Thanks Annie and Michelle! Annie, I enjoyed meeting you too, and I think it was actually nicer on Saturday because it wasn't so jam-packed, and it was easier to talk. Thank you so much for coming!


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