Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Mixed Media Experiment

Wanted to play with some paper, paint, wire screen, and gel medium this past week while I was on Retreat, and this is the result ...

"Mask". Click on the picture for better detail.


  1. Your traditional quilting friends at the retreat must have thought you've gone off the deep end. You really did have fun playing! I love both pieces.

  2. It's wonderful! I can only imagine the traditionalists & what they must ponder as they watch you create!

    Keep on going girl!

  3. What a fun piece. It looks a little like layers peeling back to an inner sanctum, even though on closer inspection I see that it is layered upwards.
    I also love your Eve II. She's got personality!

    take care!

  4. What a fabulous piece!! And so YOU!!! Please bring it to BTB next month...I love seeing your stuff up much texture and interest!!!


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