Friday, September 26, 2008

65th Anniversary

It's hard to believe that anyone could stay married to the same person for 65 years ... but my Mom & Dad have done it, and done it with class. We're celebrating this weekend with friends and family.

This is the shadowbox my sister Suzanne and I concocted (with long-distance advice from Der Craigle). The box itself was somewhat worn, so needed refinishing and a little touch of gold to brighten it up.

(Back of shadowbox ... I love this funny picture of Mom "begging" Dad to marry her. Click on the image to see it larger, and read the captions.)

Above is Detail 1: Spectacles with pictures of Dad & Mom adhered to the back of the lenses with Diamond Glaze. Both the spectacles and the little booklet were stitched to the fabric picture before it was glued to the backing of the box.

Above is Detail 2: a miniaturized copy of the dance booklet for Dad's Senior Ring Dance at Texas A&M ... just before he and Mom were married. (The dance was for the Class of '44, but was held in '43.)

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad ... we love you.


  1. What a wonderful gift! Those are some good-looking parents you have, Linda :)

  2. Linda, the shadowbox is wonderful....they are going to love it!

  3. Fabulous, Linda! Your mom and dad were quite a handsome couple! Looking at that picture of your mom at your dad's feet gave me quite a chuckle! I can sure tell where you get your sense of humor!
    Love you, my friend,

  4. You are so creative! From the shape of the frame to the pleading-photo on the back, this gift is simply fantastic! I love the photos in the spectacles too. What lucky parents to have you creating this unique memory gift for them. Congrats to them on reaching 65 years of marriage -- Oh My!!!

  5. Congratulations to your parents on theit 65th and congratulations to you for the clever gift. I love the simplicity and arrangement of objects. Handsome parents. Thanks for sharing.


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