Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama & Me

"Linda Minton enjoys a bowl of popcorn while she watches the swearing in of Barack Obama during an inaugural watch party at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Tuesday in Houston."
-- Houston Chronicle, 1-20-09

I think the photographer thought it was funny that I was eating popcorn all during the ceremonies. I noticed that almost all the other pictures in the newspaper were of people looking reverential, weepy, inspired, transported on the wings of angels ... and there I am, munching popcorn and drinking mimosas ... LOL! My dear friend Sharon Dixon and I decided that we needed to mark the day by attending a party and watching the proceedings on a big screen. It was great!


  1. The only thing that would have made that picture better, is if I were in it!

  2. OMG. Here I was coming to post bout how that was probably a super fun party and wishing I'd been there too, and then I found that Lynn had basically said the same darned thing. Wouldn't the 4 of us had a good time???

  3. Surprised it was just mimosas! LOL- I know I voted for 'the other guy' but why wasn't I invited?? Whaaa!

  4. It was great fun. And so neat to be able to see ourselves in the paper that I was going to keep anyway as a memento of the historic occasion. Of course, I didn't get billing:( My sister told me I should have grabbed Linda's popcorn.

    Betty, somehow I don't think you would have enjoyed it as much as Linda and I did:)


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