Tuesday, February 17, 2009

QuiltArt Raven Challenge

The Raven Challenge, created and coordinated by Lynda Thompson, was recently unveiled. My two fiberart postcards, "Nevermore" and "Poe Meets Frost" will be contributed to the Fiberart For A Cause Collage Mania, to raise money for the American Cancer Society. (Please see my earlier post of January 12 for more details.) Here are the two cards:

"Nevermore", front and back:

"Poe Meets Frost", front and back:


  1. Beautiful! Love the ravens. If by any chance you’re ever in Newark, Delaware, there’s a bar called The Deer Park that used to be an inn. Supposedly Mr. Poe stayed there. A raven overlooks the endless parade of U of D students that enter for liquid refreshment(!)

  2. Poe Meets Frost is wonderful...thanks for sharing.


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