Thursday, May 07, 2009

Collage Mania Closes with a Bang

In a 3-day extravagaza of bidding, Virginia Spiegel's Collage Mania (a part of Fiberart For A Cause) has raised over $18,000 in donations for the American Cancer Society. With this success, Virginia is taking her very well-earned retirement from the world of fund raising (but I have a feeling that she won't be able to give it up entirely ... I wouldn't be surprised to see a few smaller fundraisers in her future).

I want to say thank you to all who have followed Virginia in this adventure. I know I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment just from my own small part in it. I'm happy to report that my "Nevermore" raven postcard went on the first day, and "Poe Meets Frost" went on the second day of bidding. I wasn't able to bid on anything this year, but I sure enjoyed the vicarious thrill of those who were. The eye-candy alone was well worth the trip!

Congratulations to Virginia and to her faithful friend and sidekick Karen Stiehl Osborne, for their hard work and dedication to this cause. My two pieces will go out to their new owners in a few days, once all the paperwork is done and instructions sent out by Karen. Thank you all for the wild ride!


  1. I wasn't fast enough to get your "Nevermore" piece in the Collage Mania, alas -- I tried but someone beat me to it. But I was able to get two other collages, and I was glad to support such a good cause. Thanks to all who donated!

  2. I have a few favorite fiber artist blogs that I visit regularly. One of which happens to be this one and one by Gerrie Congdon. Gerrie was bragging about the great piece she got from Collage Mania recently. She posted a pic. And, ironically, there was "Nevermore".

  3. Oh dear, I am so embarrassed. I didn't realize that there was another artist that had made a piece "Nevermore". Gerries piece is from an artist named Pat Dolan. So to you and Pat, I apologize for the mix up.

  4. Don't be embarrassed, Michele! I even got a little confused myself, with several "Poe Challenge" pieces being named "Nevermore". Pat Dolan's piece is wonderful! And as it happens, Scott Murkin won my "Nevermore", so I'm very happy about that.

    Thanks for posting here, I love to hear from my readers!


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