Sunday, August 02, 2009

Silkies Framed

My friend Diane and her husband Al commissioned me to create a special art quilt for Al's office, featuring their beloved Silky Terriers. Muuuuuch later, the quilt was completed, and they took it to be framed by a wonderful frame artist in Cinco Ranch, who created a custom-made hardwood frame for it.
The quilt actually hangs free inside the double-glassed frame, so that the fabric does not touch the glass on either the front or the back.
Diane and Al invited me to see it before it is installed, since the back of the frame is glass, as well as the front, so that the back of the quilt can be seen too. Here's a pic of Diane and Al, with their beautifully framed art quilt.

If you'd like to see the detail shots, click here.


  1. Wow! This piece looks grand and so do all the other art that you've shared below (before?) this post!
    Glad to have you back in blogland & to see what you've been up to lately as I know you are always busy creating amazing new pieces!

  2. What a great quilt! You have really captured the beloved pets.

  3. Thanks, Cathy & Judy! I should clarify that Diane and Al not only raise Silkies for themselves, but also show them professionally. Absolutely gorgeous dogs!

  4. Oh Linda, I saw some of the Terriers as you were working on it, it must really be awesome to see it framed.


  5. Hi Molly Minkey! Great Silkies piece. It's wonderful when collectors put that good energy into proper ways to preserve the art! Congrats!
    Thanks for linking to my blog. I'm following yours now, too.
    Love, Lucky


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