Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Search Of

Here's the 4th from my "Journey" series, which will be available during the one-day ONE (One Cause, One Wednesday, One Hundred Collages) fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, created and sponsored by Virginia Spiegel.  I wish you could see the textural quality of these five mixed-media collages, I'm afraid my photos don't do them justice.  Each one comes to you signed and mounted on 8x10" heavy-quality watercolor paper, ready for framing if desired.

In Search Of
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 16 ... 
the ONE day you can grab collect your favorite collages 
by your favorite fiber artists!
(I think you will be able to take a preview peek
on Tuesday the 15th.)


  1. Yes, a preview of all 100 collages will be up on February 15. I will post a direct link on FB, etc. and there will be a link from the main ONE page that is now up here:


  2. I think your pieces are so interesting. Love the textures and colors. Can't wait to see all of your pieces.

  3. Hi Linda, your piece is wonderful and like you said, photos don't do justice which means it looks even better in real life. Definitely a collectable.


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