Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Rant Success: (Or at least a step in the right direction)

After having written a scathing letter (see my original Rant here) to David Green, owner and CEO of Hobby Lobby, I received an emailed response from a regional manager.  My two major issues were lack of management visibility/accessibility, and the insulting practice of confiscating backpacks at the front of the store before allowing the customer in to shop.

(Sorry, the above-pictured backpack is no longer available.)

Although I failed in my attempt to reach Mr. Green personally, I will say that my complaints were readily received, and I've recently received another letter from the regional manager, assuring me that both issues have been addressed at a regional meeting:

"We had a yearend meeting with San Antonio mgrs Friday laying out the great customer service guidelines we expect. At all times every hobby lobby has a member of mgt and should of been available upon request. Proper scheduling was discussed to make sure we have employees available for our customers.
We appreciate you letting us know about the backpack issue and the store has been directed not to be asking anyone to leave backpacks at front."

It's kind of nice to know that sometimes you can make a bit of a difference, just by speaking up.  I'm feeling rather proud of myself this morning.  


  1. The fact that you got any response at all is success in my book! You are a super hero! xoxo

  2. BWA-HA-HA-HA! (No, wait, that's my super-VILLAIN laugh!)


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