Friday, September 02, 2011

More fiber-art birthday cards!

You may remember that my friend Liz Broussard sent me an early birthday card, in the form of a fiber-art postcard.  Well, I'm finally getting around to posting some more birthday fiber-art postcards, from more friends (members of my beloved FiberVoices group).  Since my studio is still in a jumble, a couple of them are from last year, but they are all absolute treasures to me.

"Blowing in the Wind", painted and stitched canvas,
by Connie Marie Fahrion
"Art of Friends" (our first round postcard)
by Cheryl Johnson
Mola Butterfly (multiple cut-away layers)
by Nancy B. Dickey
"Pine" (inked and stitched, with personal  signature chop)
by Susan Fletcher King
Surprise!  Not a postcard this time.  Mary Ann Littlejohn made these little soft folded-and-stitched
boxes for holding sewing notions or snipped thread ends.  We all started calling them
"Connie Catchers", since we will probably use them to save threads for Connie's signature
"thread trash" art-quilt creations.


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