Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kissing the Cat Goodnight

Well, it seems that other artists are showing their Rituals entries, and of course I'm so happy about the whole experience that I've got to show mine.  Here is "Kissing the Cat Goodnight", for Dinner at Eight Artists' Rituals exhibit.

Kissing the Cat Goodnight, 24" x 60"
Please see my previous post for more information and a detail shot.  And thanks again to Moore's Sewing Centers and Havel's Sewing for their sponsorship at the International Quilt Festivals in Long Beach, California and Houston, Texas.


  1. Linda, that is an amazing work. I am smiling to beat the band over here!!!
    YOU ROCK!!

  2. Thanks, Skye ... feels so nice to get a pat on the back every once in a while! You do my heart good.

  3. Wow! As a cat lover, this wouldn't have to try very hard to impress me.
    But .... this is a totally amazing piece of work whether you like cats or not and I am lost for words.

    1. Thank you, Elaine! What a nice review of my "Kissing the Cat Goodnight" art quilt. I appreciate your kind words.

    2. You're welcome :)
      The pleasure is all mine, admiring your fantastic work.

      I have only just found your blog, following a 'heads up' from someone on Facebook and have very much enjoyed looking round :)

      One of these days, I'll get over the 'scardey-cat'/could I do it?/ where do I start? ...... and actually have a go at quilting. But until then, I do love looking at quilting blogs :)


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