Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Corvid #8 by Virginia Spiegel

I was excited to receive my Christmas present to myself today ... Virginia Spiegel's "Corvid #8", which she sold to help Four-Legged Friends, a no-kill animal shelter.  She and Karen Stiehl Osborn (another one of my favorite artists) are having a Holiday Pop-Up Sale.

One thing I love about receiving artwork from Virginia is the care and love she uses in packaging and shipping. 

Here's a picture of the package after I took it out of the mailing container:

Package as received.  (Bouncer is checking it out.)
"Corvid #8", plus Virginia's hand-made thank-you note.
 Thank you, Virginia ... I absolutely love it!


  1. Linda, Thank you! I sent a check this week to the Clark County Humane Society.

  2. Oops, I had the name of the pet shelter wrong! Thanks for the correct name, Virginia. "Corvid #8" is even more beautiful than I had anticipated!


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