Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finding the Goodness

I've been thinking a lot about happiness lately, and you probably have been, too. Various world events, national and personal tragedies, political nastiness ... I'm just feeling the need for some plain old "goodness", as my Mamaw would have called it.

The Antechamber, Linda Teddlie Minton

When I first began work on "The Antechamber" I was simply imagining a fantasy doorway into a serene world where there were no day-to-day worries, only sunshine and joy.  As I continued to develop the piece, it gradually became a more vivid symbol of unattainable peace and tranquility; I had a strong desire to actually walk through that space and escape the too-real world of anger, hatred, and downright evil.  (I probably watch too much news.)  How could I combat the unease and dissatisfaction that I was sensing all around me?


The Key, Linda Teddlie Minton

Although "The Key" (right) was actually created before "The Antechamber" (above), I have begun seeing a connectivity in my seemingly random choice of subject matter over the past few years.  In the beginning, "The Key" was mysterious, even to myself.  As I worked on it, I thought of all the different meanings of the body, the key, the floating elements.  I now see it as a sign of hopefulness ... that we all hold the key to our own happiness within ourselves.  It is completely within our own power to choose how we face our life challenges. We can so easily become angry or bitter, blaming others for our disappointments ... or we can choose to be happy with what we have and what we can do for others.  The key lies within ourselves.

The Power of Song

Music lifts me.  Or, I should say, the memory of music lifts me.  Having lost much of my hearing a few years ago, I can no longer appreciate music that is new to me ... but ohhh, the older, familiar stuff ... my mind seems to fill in what my ears can't hear, and I am transported.  One of my favorite "escapes" is singing along with well-remembered songs while driving ... no one to hear me screaching out my favorite tunes, and only a few passers-by who probably laugh at my antics behind the (hopefully) soundproof car windows.  It lifts my mood, makes me happy ... and makes me want to pass along my happiness.

FiberVoices, December 2012
(cartoon, ltm)

The most important key to my personal happiness (not counting family and friends, of course) is Art, with a capital A.  Well, actually, art with a small "a", too.  I find as much joy in making a traditional baby quilt as I do in planning and executing an art quilt for exhibition or sale.  You can also find artfulness in what others call "craft," if you are putting your own creativity into it.  Sharing discoveries, learning new and old techniques, and enjoying the comradeship of like-minded artists are the ultimate treasures of this artist's life ... and I am extraordinarily lucky to have this relationship with 4 beautiful women in a small group called FiberVoices.

Wishing you JOY in the New Year.


  1. Linda,
    what a beautiful New Year's message. I certainly feel lucky to have you and the others in Fiber Voices. I couldn't imagine how barren it would feel without y'all!

  2. Geeesh you are thinking deep! Guess we all do more so this time of the year, and of course with recent events, national and much closer to home........your last paragraph especially resonants..."putting your own creativity into it". hope to see more posts!!!!!

  3. Thanks for not only sharing your art, but sharing your thoughts and feelings. I enjoy knowing the inspiration behind the work.

    And I'm with you - sometimes you just have to turn off the news and radio!

  4. Oh, Linda. You have captured my heart yet again. Your newest creation is just beautiful & so very peaceful. And I love the connection to The Key.
    Yes, I do believe we each hold the key. Even to enter that peaceful world.
    Happy New Year, my dear friend.

  5. Skye, what a lovely comment ... thank you!


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