Wednesday, February 27, 2013

QuiltCon 2013, Part 2

Here are the rest of the photos of quilts that were juried into the first QuiltCon, held in Austin, Texas.  It was a beautiful show, with exciting quilts and many great vendors.  Please let me know if you enjoy seeing this little slice of the event, and how you feel about the Modern Quilt Movement.

Angela Walters
Impracticality (detail 1)

Impracticality (detail 2)
In Defense of Manmade
Thomas Knauer
Is There a Court Jester in the House
Lynn Douglass
Kelsey's Crosses
Modern Quilting Bee
quilted by Mary Workman
Log Pyramids
Liz Harvatine
Alison Glass
Paper Shredder
Pamela Johnson
Heather Grant
quilted by Angela Walters
Pods (detail)
Rainbow Rocks
Kathleen Baden
Red Concentrate
Lavialle Campbell
RonQuilt: The Ron Swanson Quilt
Monica Solorio-Snow
RonQuilt (reduced for viewing purposes)
Self Image I
Chawne Kimber
Spin Dr
Angela Walters
Spin Dr (detail)
Sunrise I
Erika Mulvenna
Time Travel
Barb Forrister
Trajectory #2
Megan E. Dye
You Rule
Brigitte Heitland
You Rule (detail)


  1. Thank you for sharing. I love them all!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your time to showcase the talent at the show. shelly beth grappe

    1. Thanks so much for your Comment, Shelly. I enjoy sharing the bounty!

  3. Wow! These are beautiful and so many with very impressive machine quilting.

    1. You're right, Norma ... I was in awe of a lot of the "extreme" quilting.

  4. Thanks so much for posting these, Linda. I can't wait till next year when I can go! It's so inspirational to see these.

  5. Well Linda, I think I mentioned that I love piecing and color. Personally many of the Modern Quilts don't appeal to me because of the minualist of most of The Modern Quilts. I did find Paper Shredder and Impracticality to be very appealing. I also enjoyed all the quilting. Maggie

    1. Thanks, Maggie ... and yay, you figured out how to leave a Comment,LOL! Hope to see you at Houston IQF again this year.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love the graphic bold colors. Many of these cross the line into art quilting so I see boundaries being blurred. I did a review for McCall's on a modern quilting ebook and mentioned in my post that many historical quilts in some of the books in my library would qualify as modern.

    I was a little disappointed to see so much emphasis on dense quilting here, as in the Festival quilts. I had the impression that the modern quilters were taking things more laid back and simple. I know the expanse of negative space is a perfect background for dense quilting but somehow, IMO, it destroys some of the minimalist qualities I like in these.

    My favorite of the ones you showed is Red Concentrate. Does anyone know how these were judged? Was it the same traditional rules as Festival?


    1. Hi Janice, I also love the bold, graphic designs, and many of them do remind me of the Gee's Bend quilts in a way. I personally love the dense quilting, and realized belatedly that most of the pictures I took were of quilts that were densely quilted. I guess it's a matter of taste.

      I'm sorry I don't know anything about the judging process of this show. Anyone who knows, please comment!

  7. Linda, Thank you for posting these...those I also live in the San Antonio (Bulverde) area I could not go as I had recent foot surgery so I really appreciated getting to see them. Like you, I didn't think I would like them but really do like most of them and especially admired the out of the box thinking that created many of them!!!

    1. Thanks for your Comment,Sandy ... good luck with your recovery from your foot surgery!

  8. Thanks Linda,
    I really appreciate seeing these. Some of the quilting is amazing AND very traditional in such an elegant way.

    1. Hi Ann, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I wish I could have taken shots of all of them!

  9. Lots of lovely quilts - thank you. As to what one might think of Modern Quilting? It is just another way of making quilts, surely - contemporary, trad, mini, mod, mixed media - I think we are fortunate to live in such exciting times. I find many Modern quilts quite restful - all that space I think! (I also seem to go for the quilting when I take pictures). Caroline in the UK

  10. Hi Caroline, I agree with you ... the more different ways of looking at quilt as art ... even "bed quilts" ... the better! (I'd never put one of these gorgeous quilts on a bed, though, they would be kept "for good," as the Amish would say.)


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