Sunday, September 08, 2013

McNay Art Museum - A long-delayed visit

My friend Nancy came to visit this week, and it was just the "kick in the behind" I needed to schedule a visit to the McNay Art Museum here in San Antonio.  I'd been for a quick visit once before, but had never done the full tour.  I really hadn't realized what I'd been missing out on!

A courtyard scene at the McNay Art Museum.

Here are some of our (my) favorite pieces from the contemporary artworks in the museum.  (I'll picture some of the more famous works in a future post.)

These two oil paintings by American artist Julie Heffernan fascinated both of us.  We started the museum visit with these two paintings, and ended the visit by studying them once again.  The depth of field (as well as depth of meaning) was incredible and we could have gazed at them for hours ... if a very late lunch hadn't finally called us!
Self Portrait as Tangled Nest, by Julie Heffernan, 2006
Self Portrait as Ornament, by Julie Heffernan, 2006
Also in the entrance  area was this unusual light sculpture:

Misguided Isomer, by Cathy Cunningham-Little, 2013

Cake Walk, by Whitfield Lovell, 2008
Conte crayon on panel, with walking sticks
Vision Catcher, by Lesley Dill, 1995
Oil, thread, and wire on tea-stained muslin.
Position Preferred, by Chakaia Booker, 2006
Rubber and wood.
I'm a bit embarrassed that I've been living in San Antonio for several years and hadn't made the time to visit this beautiful art museum before now.  Thanks, Nancy, for being my impetus for this visit!  I hope my readers will get the chance to see some of this wonderful art too.

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  1. Wish I could have been there! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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