Friday, November 07, 2014

Beading and Viking Knit

I recently found some pictures of some of my early jewelry-making, and thought I would post them here. (Some of them may have been posted in earlier years.) I had actually forgotten having made some of these, and looking at the pictures gives me the "beading itch" again.

carved fish, beaded as pendants

I used deer hide on the back, leaving the carved figures revealed.

Candyland bracelet

Czek star button bracelet (detail)

Gilded Limes bracelet with vintage button closure.

Hands Down - bracelet (detail)

Modern Camouflage bracelet with vintage button closure.
I believe this may have been based on a pattern by SandFibers (Carol Dean Sharpe)

Cute little pendant built around a rubber O-ring.

Shades of Copper bracelet
also a SandFibers pattern (the tube-shaped closure, which was new to me)

Steampunk Necklace
I sold this several years ago, and wish I still had it.

Another Steampunk Pendant that I sold ... what was I thinking?

What can I say? I was really into Steampunk for a while.
I still like it, just haven't made any in a long time.

Strawberry Limeade, with rolled bead closure.

Viking Knit Necklace and Bracelet Set
The necklace has a globe-shaped locket and the bracelet has a flying pig. I made this set for my mother in 2009.

Detail of locket on Viking Knit necklace

Detail of Flying Pig charm on Viking Knit bracelet.

Now I feel like doing some more Viking Knit ... it really turns out beautifully, and I'm sure I still have some sterling silver wire ... hmmmm ...


  1. The steampunk! You must do more.

  2. Thanks Diane ... those were really fun ... combination of Steampunk and beading, two of my favorite things. Where does the time go, not enough time to do everything we want! ;^)

  3. wowie you use your beads!! I mostly collect them, and bead magazines, and make plans.
    Kidding, but I do mostly use them on fabric not jewelry any more. I am in a struggling beading group trying to get started. We all hope it will stimulate us to use them. Shiny sparkly LeeAnna at not afraid of color

    1. LOL, oh believe me, LeeAnna, I mostly collect beads too! I have a whole wall dedicated to storing them, and will never use them all in a million years. I do fabric beading too ... inspired mostly by my friend Larkin Van Horn at Check out her gallery for some great inspiration!

    2. I am just so amazed at your creativity!!!


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