Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Pajama Quilters

A group of old friends, we try to meet-and-retreat at least once or twice a year for relaxation, quilting, food, wine, and fun. Several of the girls do longarm quilting as a business, and all of them (except me) are traditional quilters. (They let me hang out with them anyway.  ;^)

Jody, Betty, Sharon, & Barb

Betty's star quilt

Jody & Sharon, "oldest" friends.
Jody's great Singer machine.

Barb's Illusion quilt layout
Betty's Bow-Tie layout

Betty's Double Irish Chain
Sharon's Stack 'n Whack

Sharon - Overachiever
Sharon's Blue Star Quilt

Linda's Giraffe preliminary layout
Linda's Giraffe final layout

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