Saturday, June 04, 2016

Image + Text

Playing around with some old photos combined with cookbook pages ...


  1. I absolutely love these? Are you wiling to share how you did them?

  2. Hi Norma, of course I'll share! It's all done in Photoshop, with many steps ... but the basics are to convert the photo to black-and-white, delete the background, delete the white portions to make them clear, and superimpose this layer over the text layer. It can be "fiddly" and time-consuming, but also fun and rewarding. (I especially enjoyed pairing each family member above with an appropriate cookbook page.) Enjoy!

    1. They are fabulous, but I think I'd need some more Photoshop lessons to achieve them.

  3. I love this, dear friend!!! Guess who made a quilt!!! This girl!!! its o my blog!!! I think I'm back!!!


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