Friday, April 23, 2010

Artist's Grasshopper Shoes

These are a more economical, but just as beautiful, version of the Z-Coil shoes offered earlier. Since the shoes themselves are less expensive, I can offer them at a lower price. These little Grasshoppers are what we used to naively call "tennis shoes", back before there were all these different styles of athletic shoes. They are a "Stretch Plus" sneaker, Size 8M, retailing (white) at $50. They have a nice thick inner sole, accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. I'm offering them (new-in-box) with my signed artwork, at $110.

If you'd like me to custom-paint shoes for you, please contact me at


  1. Wowie Kazowie...those are some amazing painted shoes. A hidden talent of yours? You should announce this on Facebook. Talk about clicking your heels kinda shoes. You have out done yourself.

  2. Thanks, Jamie! These are more fun than a barrel of monkeys (although they take lots more hours than monkeys would probably be willing to invest, LOL!)

  3. L o o o o o o o o ove these! I sure miss seeing you, my Texas sistah!


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