Friday, April 23, 2010

Artist's Mudd Shoes

Here are some really cool shoes for summer ... comfy clogs by Mudd, new-in-box, with the addition of my signed painted artwork. They are size 7M, which retailed (white) at $40. I'm offering them at $90. They have been painted with special leather paints that won't crack, and protected with a coat of satin acrylic sealer. These clogs run a little large, so if you normally wear a size 7-1/2, these would probably fit you.

I've had several inquiries about painting your choice of shoes for you. Yes, I'll be happy to do that. Just contact me privately at and we can discuss having you send your shoes to me, or else purchasing a new pair on-line and having them shipped directly to me for painting. I will also be happy to shop and purchase the shoes for you if you like. They need to be white or off-white smooth leather (not suede, sorry!) for the paints to be effective.


  1. You've been updating, and I've been missing all this! Dang me, woman, those shoes are fabulous! Who wouldn't want to wear them? You absolutely rock!

    I miss you oodles!



  2. Well, Mrs. Lynnie, my updating of my poor ole' blog has just begun ... not much lately, but I hope to add more soon. Glad you like my shoes ... I mees-a you face, too!

  3. Those shoes ROCK! Awesome job. I'd love to be in Houston Oct. 29 to see your work. Thank you. ( looks like my size too, hmm)

    1. Thanks, Kimberly! Unfortunately, these particular shoes are long gone, and I'm no longer painting shoes to order. I appreciate your comments very much!


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