Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Art Quilts, part 3 ... from Quilt Festival 2011

Here are the last of the art-quilt pictures from Quilt Festival ... at least the ones I was able to salvage.  Some were so poorly lit or badly focused that I couldn't publish them here.  And I'd give anything to be able to show you some of the gorgeous ones from the "No Photos Allowed" exhibits, but my mama raised a Good Girl, so I kept my little camera safely shuttered in those aisles.

Please enjoy these images, and remember that you can click on them to get an even larger view.  It's never as good as seeing them in person, but I hope they have given you at least an idea of the beauty, inspiration, and joy I find every year at Festival.

Alice's Odyssey, by 16 members of Beyond the Borders

Bee, by Nancy Dickey

Doorkeepers, by Rita Summers

Flaming Mandalas I, by Anne Lullie

It's Risky Being a Beer Drinking Mantis! by Carol Fletcher

Making Her Exit, by Pamela Allen

Solo Act, by Peg Collins

The Antechamber, by Linda Teddlie Minton
(Yes, I know it's in the "No Photography" section, but it's my quilt, so I was allowed.)
This was part of Dinner at Eight's special exhibit, "The Space Between", curated by
Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison

The Hen Party, by Beth Porter Johnson

The Hen Party, detail
Winter Blooms, by Barbara Persing
Winter Blooms, detail

Woodland Secrets, by Frieda Anderson

Yellow Billed Hornbill, by Barbara McKie

Yellow Billed Hornbill, detail

Artist Village placard, with names of artists who participated.
Can you tell who made each of these houses?
Some are easy to identify, some are not so easy.
Honestly, I feel like I "know" which ones are which, but
since I don't have confirmation, I'll just leave it to you to guess.

 Well, that's all the art-quilt pictures, but tomorrow I'll post some more pictures from Quilt Festival, including some traditional quilts and some people pictures.  Enjoy!


  1. LOVE your quilt. You must have been excited to see it in the show. For me, seeing my quilt in this very prestigious show really was an honor.

  2. I loved your quit, too! It was a great exhibit, but as you know I couldn't take a picture. It's always so interesting to see the different interpretations of a theme. I didn't get pictures of the village, either, so I'm glad that you did, but I did get to talk to Kathy York. She is a delight.

    You must be posting just before my "checking-my- emails-after-dinner" time.

  3. Linda, I enjoyed viewing the Artist Village very much at Festival and seeing them again on your blog. I thought they were very creative. I loved their detail. Maggie Winfield

  4. So much fun to see these quilts. I missed the praying mantis one at the show so this made me laugh out loud!
    The artist village was a joy to be a part of. I was so thrilled to see how nicely it was installed for the show.
    Thanks for sharing these images, Linda!

  5. Linda,
    Loved your quilt in The Space Between! Enjoying your photos of Houston! Thanks for posting the closeups of our Artists' Village. (and, Norma is was a delight to meet you in person too!). The houses you have posted are: Susan Else, Frances Holliday Alford (2 views), Sherri McCauley, Vickie Hallmark and Leslie Jenison, Jamie Fingal, and Susan Else, Barb Forrister (the adobe house), Pamela Allen with Melly Testa in the background.

  6. tu so much.
    I couldn't be there but you helped me see some of the quilts.
    I am grateful.

  7. Great Houston photos! I love all of your choices, and your quilt is beautiful.

  8. I looked through both postings, then made a comment on the first one that had pictures in the second one. Oh, well, you know what I mean. I found the listing of makers of houses - that was a nice thing for her to do.

    Again, great post!

  9. Hi Linda,

    I'm so glad that I looked at your site. I love the word "savor" and it seems as if you are using it well - savoring your life and your work and your students work. Kudos to you!


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