Saturday, November 19, 2011

Resizing an Image

Gloria Hansen (my hero!) has posted an excellent video on her blog, explaining very clearly how to re-size your image to a specific size.  This is often a difficult and confusing issue for artists when it is required for on-line submissions to exhibits and shows.

Go to Gloria's blog for the video.
Be sure to leave a "thanks" for Gloria ... she is an incredibly generous author, as well as an award-winning fiber artist.


  1. Linda, Thanks for the reminder to thank Gloria for her post! and video. I have her book and have so many highlights and notes to self on the techniques she so meticulously covers in her book. The video is now in cue for me to watch this afternoon as I have some time to take notes and really learn from her. Sometimes I need a nudge to say proper thanks...glad you were there to push me. Kristin McNamara Freeman

  2. You're welcome, Kristin, and thanks for your Comment. I often forget to say thanks too!


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