Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quilt Festival 2011, Part 4 ... some quilts and friends

First, some quilts made by some very dear friends of mine ... in the category of Texas Guilds' Award Winning Traditional Quilts, 2011:

Total Eclipse, by Sharon Dixon

1950's Santa Quilt, by Barbara Wafer; quilted by Barb Knoblock

Flowers in My Cabin, by Shirley Chriss; quilted by Linda Teddlie Minton

Flowers in My Cabin, detail

Flowers in My Cabin, quilting detail
Standing Strong, by Sharon Dixon

One night several of us walked to an unfamiliar restaurant several blocks from the hotel for dinner.  It was cold and windy (unusual for Houston!) but we had a wonderful time.

Maggie Winfield and me ... our yearly snuggle.

Best buds Sharon Dixon and Jody Gantz having a giggle ... before or after margaritas?
A tiny glimpse of the huge Food Court at the GRB Convention Center.

In yesterday's post, I showed a picture of "Alice's Odyssey", a group challenge quilt made by 16 members of the Beyond the Borders art-quilt group in Katy, Texas.  Here are some of the members, gathered at different times in front of the exhibit.
Exhibit placard -- it was a single-quilt exhibit!

Connie Fahrion, Hannah Mallon, Sara Norris, Elaine Connelly, Cathy Winter 

Sitting: Nancy B. Dickey, Linda Teddlie Minton, Ann Schaefer, Cathy Winter
Standing: Cheryl Johnson, Jo Sweet
and here's the quilt again, so you don't have to flip back to look for it:
Alice's Odyssey
Each puzzle piece was created by a different artist, based on a chosen
theme from Alice in Wonderland and conformed to a specific puzzle shape
in order to fit in with the others.  The edges were satin stitched, and the
individual pieces were painstakingly assembled onto a quilted background by
Nancy Dickey.
On Friday night, Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison gathered all of the participants they could, of the "Space Between" exhibit sponsored by their Dinner at Eight Artists group.  We had dinner at Spencer's Steakhouse in the Hilton Americas Hotel ... a fabulous (and fabulously expensive!) restaurant worthy of our exalted presence.  We even had the Chef's Table, along with appropriately superb service.  Here are just a few of the more sedate (?) moments of the evening.

Karen Rips and Rachel Parris

Susan Brubaker Knapp & Leslie Tucker Jenison
Frances Holliday Alford & Gerrie Congdon
Barb Forrester and Susan Fletcher King
Jamie Fingal and me
Susan Fletcher King and Judy Coates Perez
(don't hate her for wearing a fur coat ... I think that's Barb's hair on Susan's shoulder!)
The Adorable Deb Boschert and the Inimitable Jamie Fingal debate wine choices.

Judy and her daughter Indigo Perez.  Indigo is a fine artist in her own right,
and always a welcome addition to our table.
Leslie starts us off with the D@8 tradition of "spoonology" ... a fine old art.
Susan B.K. shows us how it's done.
Terry Grant gets it right the first time!
Barb carries it off with aplomb.
Jane LaFazio sets up her spoon
Susan F.K. looks like she's been doing it all her life.
Step 1:  Frances misunderstands the concept.

Step 2:  Frances reinterprets the concept.
Step 3:  Frances shows us how easy it really is.
The end of a long but lovely day.


  1. I think that picture of Jody and me was definitely AFTER margaritas!

  2. You're having so much fun. I am envious.

    Marie :)

  3. Thank goodness the margaritas were good! ;^)

  4. Dear Linda,
    Thanks so much for all of the pix, esp. of the dignified, elegant diners!

    Linda Laird

  5. Ahhh, Linda, what fun we always have. Meeting you on the Quiltart list has been the best ever present. Thanks for including my picture. Maggie Winfield

  6. It is certainly hard to be sophisticated all the time, but we try! What a fun evening!

  7. Wonderful fun and sad to have missed it! Linda love your quilting on the cabin blocks!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing all of these wonderful photos. I may never get to Houston but I can share a little bit of the experience because of generous bloggers like you!


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