Friday, November 15, 2013

House art-quilt for Wounded Warrior

Have you ever "lost" something on your computer?  Well, that's what happened to me... I just now found this Draft of a post from back in December of 2012.  I had evidently never posted it!  Anyway, here it is, at last.

Jamie Fingal, who is one of the busiest and kindest people I know, created and sponsors "The House Quilt Project", which delivers art-quilts to several worthy organizations.  One is Furnishing Hope, which helps those in need, as well as Habitat for Humanity and Wounded Warriors.

I finally got around to finishing this one, and will send it off to Jamie tomorrow.

Flag-roofed House for Wounded Warriors
Painted wholecloth quilt, 12" x 16"
I used Tsukineko inks, to keep the fabric soft.

Here is the back, including the dedication label and instructions
"not to wash"!  There are also two hanging beads in the upper corners.

Jamie, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to do something as a small thank-you to our service members who return home wounded.  It's an honor.

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