Friday, November 15, 2013

Houston Quilt Festival 2013 - part 6 - Friends & Goodies

Last but not least, a few "people pictures" from this year's Quilt Festival.

Sharon Dixon and I shared a room at the Hilton Americas.  Since her friend Jody was unable to come at the last minute, we each had a bed to ourselves!

My dear friend Sharon Dixon,
in the lobby of the Hilton Americas
Kaffe Fassett was giving a walking tour of some of his gorgeous quilts.  I couldn't even get close, so I took this picture "blind", by holding the camera way up over my head.  There must have been at least 50 or 60 people crowded around him.
Kaffe Fassett,
This is the Mysterious Unknown Scissor-Head Lady.  I chased her down and asked if I could take her picture, and she was very obliging.

Scissor-Head Lady
Now here is the only picture I thought to take on Thursday night, after our annual FiberVoices dinner at Kim Son Restaurant. My sweet friend Connie Fahrion and her friend Yvonne, came back to Sharon's and my room for a nightcap.
Yvonne & Connie
I always look forward every year to meeting with my adorable friend Maggie Winfield. This year we met in the food court, and I grabbed this picture of her with her good friend Junie B.

Maggie Winfield and Junie B.

A giant tote made for me by MaggieWinfield ...
out of an actual cat-food bag!

Me & Maggie
Do you see a sort of accidental color theme going on here?  I had already bought the little art quilt from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. I've always looked forward to shopping for one every year, and the proceeds go to Alzheimer's research. Evidently this was the last year for them.
The other items are ones that Maggie Winfield made for me!  On the left is a little fold-up tote bag that expands to a much bigger size. Then there's a sweet little bracelet she made from a jeweled dog collar. And, oh my gosh, on the right is Maggie's pin cushion with her wonderful hand-painted face.  Her creativity never fails to amaze me. Thank you, Maggie!
The Alzheimer's quilt is called "Periwinkle Pound Hound"
and was made for the AAQI by Laverne Johnson.
Well, that's the end of my photos from Quilt Festival.  Now I can't wait until next year!


  1. I wish you knew how much I miss seeing your sweet face, beautiful gal!!! Oh, how I miss you dear friend!! I really hope that you are well these has been way too long!! I love the posts about Quilt Festival...sure miss ya!!

    1. I miss you too, Ophelia! I know you are so busy with the kids and your art and teaching ... maybe we should try for another QSDS trip? Or Art Unravelled, or ... or ... ?


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