Saturday, April 08, 2006

A beaded postcard

A fabric postcard for my friend who was feeling down. Photoshopped image printed on silk and machine quilted, hand beaded, embellished with copper wire. I don't think all the beading shows up very well in the photo. The large center "doughnut" is a raku bead by Rory Ross, and unfortunately I could not get its subtle colors to photograph well.


  1. wow. What do I have to do to be your friend and earn one of those beauties? :) Really cool! I love the photoshop images in your previous post too. I admire people who can do that cool digital stuff. I've taught myself how to edit and crop pics, but that's it.

  2. That is totally awesome, I would love to know how you printed onto the silk was it inkjet set. A friend directed me to your blog and I am sure glad she did it has been pure inspiration to me

  3. Alikat, to answer your question, I printed on Jacquard's "Print On Silk", via my Epson Stylus C66 printer. It is an inkjet printer, but uses pigment inks instead of dye-based inks. Thanks for your comments!

  4. I'm getting caught up on blogging, and just saw your postcard...FANTASTICO!

    and I'm blushing....thank you for having me on your blogroll! Hopefully I'll have something good on there one of these days LOL! The slooowwww in progress stuff gets, well, tedious! But I'm excited...made some significant headway today on my latest.

    And your quilting on the scenic quilt, by the way, the one mentioned last week on QA, was fantastic! WELL DONE, and may the notices on QA lead to more income! (and an award or two would be nice, too!)

  5. I am down...i am a friend i get one ?! did a fabulous job!


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