Thursday, April 06, 2006


These are what I call "bubbles", but what I believe are actually called "Amazing Circles" in Photoshop Elements. My dear friend and Photoshop guru Darleen taught me this technique, even though she had to translate "down" from her more advanced version of Photoshop. The square images above are photographs of architectural elements, which are then processed in Photoshop to create the bubbles. Thank you Eenie!


  1. These are do neat...and beautiful. Made my day!

    Thanks also for sharing the details of the Heart/Hand quilt. Your quilting looks very creative, as usual. I have a blue hand top I need to quilt. Maybe I can do it before the BTB meeting next week. Hands have long been a symbol I love. This quilt is a traditional one from a Sandy Bonsib workshop from many years ago with inkjet print centers of hands. The designs are actually from stencils to decorate hands with henna. I think I have about 20 different ones. The "blue hand" represents the hand of Fatima (Mohammed's mother) that is painted on doors to protect the children, principally the boy children inside. This is the origin of our custom of associating blue with boy babies.

    There was a video made along with the project in Arizona to document their old quilts. My mother got very involved in the project and was featured in the video they made. It didn't register much when I first saw it, but after she died I watched it again. The opening of the video is my mother's well worn hands quilting! Wow! It really moved me.

    Well....this is probably more than you ever wanted to know about hands.

  2. These are truly cool bubbles, Linda! They inspire me to want to explore & learn more of what my computer can do ... yet I also need time to create ... overriding that is Little League season, so my wishes must go on hold until two boys are a tad older ....

    Love your hands' story too Mary Ann & look forward to seeing your hands quilt quilted, and perhaps the video of "your mom's hands quilting" next week at BTB ... but first, I've gotta create something more to share, myself!

    I do confess that I do enjoy both your blogs,

    Cathy Winter


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