Tuesday, December 05, 2006

An amazing gift

My friend Maggie Hunt (whom I've never actually met in person), decided to make my day, my month, my YEAR, by sending me 19 - count 'em, NINETEEN - fiberart postcards from her own collection! My mostest favorite one of all is this one ... by Maggie Her Ownself ... entitled "Forever" ...

Thank you, my sweet friend Maggie ... what a wonderful, unexpected gift! (Here's her blog, which I've added to my links, because she always has something interesting added ... http://scquiltaddict.blogspot.com/ )


  1. Wow! I love it too!!!
    and to think there's 18 more ... what fab friends you have!

    Cathy in Houston

  2. SO I sent you 18??? To think i still have at least a dozen more and a few were given to a friend at school...and guess who got the rest...must have had 40 of them?? SOOO glad to know they are so well loved...and yes that is one of my fav postcards that I made...I even dyed the fabric on the back...

    Trying to decide if I am a quiltaddict or need to rename my blog...artaddict??? :> since i smee to be into all things artsy!! Thanks for the link...


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