Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fresco II Sold

Gerald Tobola of the Copper Shade Tree Gallery ( called this evening to let me know that my "Fresco II" has been sold ... Yay! Now I feel more confident in going forward with this series. My next one is in a similar style, but with a very different subject matter. Here's "Fresco II", as sold:

See my July 5 entry for more images ... and wish me luck for the future of this series!


  1. Linda, I'm so proud of you! Your work is getting the recognition it deserves and I feel privileged to rub shoulders with you!

  2. Woo Hooo Linda!!!!
    Many Congrats on your latest sale! I too am a true admirer of your art and am thrilled that others agree (after all -- they bought it!). I look forward to seeing more of this series (or have I already seen the next one?)

    Cathy Winter

  3. Congratulations, Linda. I am so pleased it has sold. Look forward to the next one.


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