Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bead Journal Project

I thought I'd catch up on posting some photos of my Bead Journal pages that I've made for Robin Atkins' Bead Journal Project which she started back in June of this year. It's a year-long project, with a "page" per month. I've chosen to make my pages post-card size (4x6"), and here's what I've completed so far.

(June, 2007) Desert Tortoise - painted background, lightly beaded.

(July, 2007) Eye of the Beholder - using a painted background and a taxidermy eye.
(subtitled The Migraine.)

(August, 2007) WWND? (What Would Nancy Do?) - A reference to my friend Nancy Dickey.

(September, 2007) The Lizard Constellation - Painted background, with beaded button.

I'll post my October piece in the next day or two.


  1. Your bead journal pages are awesome!

  2. Your bead pages are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. So inspiring.

  3. Gorgeous. What a treasure this book will be. I just got Larkin's book, and am determined to get beading this coming year. Hey- that's a New Year's Resolution, isn't it?! How fun!

  4. GOsh these are just scrumptious...fabulous job....


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