Sunday, December 16, 2007

Painted Z-Coils

I spent a couple of days painting my beloved Z-Coil shoes to wear to the Festival Hill Gay Men's Chorus Christmas Concert in Round Top yesterday, then ended up with The Dreaded Migraine, and didn't get to go. So here are my shoes, since I didn't get to wear them yesterday ;^)


  1. Wow. Beautiful work. On the shoes and the beaded pages too. I love the tortoise.

    How springy are the shoes? I have never seen any like that. (I dont get out much and live in the sticks.)

    Now here is the big question....
    Did you SEW all those beads on? Cuz I woulda had to glue em on. Tell me the truth. I would like to do things like this, but would never get even one done if I had to sew them on!


  2. Thanks, Gayle. The Z-Coil shoes feel quite springy until you get used to them, but they're great for your ankle, knee, and hip joints.

    As far as the beadwork in the previous post ... yes, they are all individually sewn on to the fabric base, NO glue is used! I like to combine painted backgrounds with beads sometimes. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Zeez are kewl shoes, Linda. Be sure to wear them to BTB meeting next month.

  4. You will make quite the statement when you go out in these groovy shoes! (What kind of paint did you use?)
    How's your head?

  5. Hi Susan, yes I'm a Groovy Kinda Girl. I used leather paints, they are acrylic but have a creamier finish. Drat can't find the brand name right now.
    My head is empty as usual, thanks for asking! ;^)


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