Saturday, March 28, 2009

Silkies On My Mind

Here is a commissioned quilt I designed and created for a couple who raise and show Silky Terriers. It measures 63" x 43" (horizontal orientation), and is intended to be framed and hung over the husband's office couch.

It includes digitally manipulated photographs, printed on cotton fabric, free-motion thread painting, traditional piecing and raw-edge applique, free-hand quilting, and a faux-tintype technique on aluminum can metal.
In my mind as I was making the different blocks, I gave them nicknames ... shown under their detail shots below.

"Smoking Jacket"

"Beau Peeking Thru the Leaves"

"Shy Girl"

"Escape Artist"


"The Girls"

"Lavender Shy Girl"

"Blue Silky"

"Zeke Warholized"
Two of my favorite blocks are of "Zeke" ... which is actually his real name ... Karen Stiehl Osborn knew I was making the Silky quilt and offered pictures of her puppy Zeke, who was "brand new" at the time. Thank you again, Karen! (See her blog for more pictures of him, as well as other goodies.)


  1. I'm been looking forward to seeing how this came together. It is beautiful. So much work -- all that thread painting.

  2. This came out great! Of course, my favorite blocks are Zeke...LOL. I love the Warhol version of Zeke!

  3. Love the diverse looks, and of course the cute doggies.

  4. Oh wow! I am melting over this quilt, it is so incredibly sweet and you did a stunning job with it! I have a westhighland terrier so I admit I have a soft spot for all of his terrier cousins. :)

    Beautiful work!

  5. Love the dog pieces, adorable.

  6. Linda this is adorable, you did a fantastic job!!!!


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