Sunday, April 05, 2009

FMLC Retreat

The FabFour retreated to a Galveston beach house for a few days this past week (the house is owned by the son of one of the FabFour, so he qualifies as a FabSon). The Other Three got there a bit earlier than I did, as I had to take care of some quilting business, but I quickly caught up on all the fun and frivolity.

You can see Sharon, above, working on an absolutely beautiful floor cloth, which took several days because of the drying times in between coats of "stuff". And here's the finished product, which will reside in her quilting studio, along with her lime green desk. Isn't it gorgeous? Now I can't wait to do one myself.

Barb & Betty worked on various quilting projects, but I was Too Pooped to Pop, so I just worked on some beading projects and taught a few mini-classes in wire-working and earring-making.

Barb made the beautiful wire-worked Swarovski Crystal bracelet shown above, Betty made several pairs of great earrings, and Sharon made a lovely necklace for a shell pendant she had found (but of course I neglected to photograph them).

In the course of teaching the bracelet to Barb, I ended up making another one for myself (or maybe to sell). Hers is the blue one, below, and I experimented with the multi-colored one, Peridot and Amber. Because of the different colors, I think hers turned out to look more formal, and mine more casual. There's room for both in my wold!

And last but not least, Betty showing "how it's done" in the Relaxation Department.


  1. We definitely had a great time....I can't wait for the next one.

  2. I wish I was there with you all!


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