Monday, August 06, 2012

Fiber Art 2012, NBAL Opening Night Pictures

This post is going to be All-Pictures-All-The-Time.  I took as many pictures as I could at the opening yesterday, and tried to be sure I attributed each artwork with its artist.  If you see any errors, or don't want your artwork shown here, please just let me know.

OK, here we go, in no particular order ...

Caryl Gaubatz, with two of her gorgeous jackets
Alien Autopsy, Cheryl Elms

My brother Craig with his favorite of my art quilts ... A Matter of Perspective (Budmouser)

Georgia Zwartjes and Pot Holder in the Garden

Dancing Circles by Iva Jensen

Dancer's Delight, Joanne Tschope

Laura Ann Beehler (one of the curators) and Tsunami

Rusted, by Leila Reynolds (our other curator)

That's me, with Rough Magic (Doors of Perception series)

Memory Forgotten by Liz Napier

Luis, with his favorite of my pieces, Rough Magic

Humbled by Lynn A Luukinen

Vignette Series #1 by Mary Ruth Smith

Another Spring by Naomi Wanjiku

Lime-A-Licious by Sandra Edsall

Copper Penny by Sherry Tolar

Ode to Law Books by Susan Oaks
(please excuse the reflections!)

Moon Talk by Susie Monday

Fly Away by Suzanne Selb White

Come back for many more pictures tomorrow!


  1. It looks like a great show, Linda, and I love your piece. Just a little too far for me to go, though, from here in CT.

    1. Thanks, Norma! More pictures in two more posts today.

  2. Thanks for sharing so many photos. It looks like a good show.

    1. Thanks, Mary Ann ... I wish photographs could only do justice to the artwork in real life!

  3. Thanks for posting all your photos, Linda. A beautiful show.

  4. Thanks Teddie! I wishI were organized enought to do this!! The pics look great and it was a privilege showing with you.


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