Tuesday, August 07, 2012

More pics from the NBAL show ...

Here are more of the fiber artworks that can be seen at the New Braunfels Art Gallery through the month of August.

A Matter of Perspective (Budmouser) by Linda Teddlie Minton

Cross Culture by Cheryl Elms

Pot Holder Goes to Guatemala by Georgia Zwartjes

Murmurs from Mali by Iva Jensen

Nova by Joanne Tschoepe

Spirit Guide by Laura Beehler
(I'm sorry I didn't get names for the woven pots - updates are welcome!)

Memory Forgotten by Liz Napier

Nothing is Certain by Lynn A Luukinen

Exposed, by Naomi Wanjiku

Copper Galaxy, by Sandra Elbel Taylor

Fiesta by Sherry Tolar

Mirage by Suzanne Selb White

Pear Dreaming of Pear by Susie Monday

Still more pictures to come ... check back soon!

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