Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Quotes Illustrated

I'm honored to have a fiber-art piece included in Lesley Riley's new book, Quotes Illustrated.  It is "101 works of art inspired by words", and includes artwork by Judy Coates Perez, Liz Kettle, Pam Carriker, Lisa Chin, Dayle Doroshow, Loretta Benedetto Marvel, Susie Monday, Meena Schaldenbrand, Larkin Van Horn, and of course, Lesley Riley ... plus many more.
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Karey Bresenhan, Founder of the fabulous International Quilt Festival and friend to all quilters and fiber artists, had this to say about the book:  "Thought-provoking. Challenging. Beautiful. Inspiring. A book that combines two of my favorite things -- quotations and art -- is a sure winner, but this one goes beyond being simply a wonderful book. It will be a timeless source of dreams, a book whose pages demand to be studied over and over to see the artistry, details, imagination, and the sumptuous color. Each page is an adventure for the mind and the eye ... and the heart."

As much as I love the individual works of art, I'm especially in love with how each image reflects the artist's interpretation of a favorite quote.  This is a book that I will return to again and again, for reference, inspiration, and sheer enjoyment.  Thank you, Lesley, for including my work in this beautiful book.


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