Monday, September 14, 2015

The Return of The Fabulous Maggie

I just received these pictures of my friend Maggie Winfield's latest red-carpet outfit for the upcoming Houston International Quilt Festival, and she gave me the OK to share them here.

As you know, Maggie is an irrepressible free spirit, and loves to express herself in her hand-crafted clothing, usually retrofitted from thrift-store finds. She is always, always, The Fabulous Maggie!

She started with this find, which she purchased solely for the train alone ... here it is before she even touched it.

The train

The lining of the train ... this is the "fabulous" part!

The beginning ...

This sparkle-enhanced velvet corset started out as a jacket.

The Fabulous Maggie ... in one iteration of the outfit.
Here, she's wearing the black velvet corset.

The fabulous back view.

With different vest, polka-dot leggings ... I love it!

aaaannnnd .. the back view. Fabulous, right?

Maggie says she ended up cutting off almost 20" of the train. I think it was a great success, and can't wait to see this outfit in person at Houston.


  1. Maggie is always an inspiration to anyone a little shy on trying some "unusual" clothing - Maggie's clothing always turn out to be a hit! Maggie - YOU GO GIRL!!!

    1. Absolutely, Barb! I'm in awe of her fashion sense and joyful attitude, and always come away from our yearly meetings feeling revitalized.

  2. Me, too! Can't wait to see it in person in Houston.


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