Monday, July 13, 2015

Collecting Art

I've posted pictures before of art I've collected, but I don't believe I've shown these more recent acquisitions. Here's a little catch-up of some of My Favorite Things ...

Neon Stones #1
by Mary Ann Littlejohn
(I had coveted this beautiful piece for over 5 years, and finally got my hands on it!)

Walking Her Chicken in the Rain
by Pamela Allen
(12" x 12" ...  I love it with a passion.)

Wrens on Flowers at Night
by Ginny Eckley
(I saw this at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery and just couldn't walk out without it.)

by Frances Holliday Alford
(Frances is one of my all-time favorite mixed-media artists ... thank you, Frances!)

Venutian Sea Rise (encaustic)
by Skye Daniels
(Skye and I did a little art-trade a few months ago, and I was blown away by this gorgeous piece.)

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