Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photoshopping for Fiber Art

I often use Photoshop Elements to manipulate my photos before using them in my fiber art. Here are some examples.

One of the few times I can get my cat to sit still for a picture.
Just a quick camera-phone shot.

This Photoshopped version brings out details of his fur,
as well as adding more vivid colors ... fun!

This was a small (2x3") 1913 photo of my maternal grandmother, working as a telephone operator.
I had already done some painstaking clean-up of surface dust motes, scratches, etc. at this point.

Here is the final Photoshopped version that I made to look as if
oil-painted. I then sent it off to be printed in enlarged form (18x24")
as a gift for my 92-year-old mother.

A dear friend whose beloved dog had passed away
gave me this photo to use as a basis for a thread painting.

Here is the finished piece. I chose to place him on a
background of Texas bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush
flowers before thread painting. He was such a
sweet little guy.

The 4 kids in my family, ca. 1957
(that's me on the right)

I wanted to see how would all have looked
as a family of cats! Just having fun. Each cat face
was chosen with a view for the personality of each child.


  1. Linda did such a good job of capturing face and eyes of my beloved Raffles. I love all the thread painting too. Raffles is at the framers, but will have him home again soon.

    1. Thanks, Mary Ann. I loved working on the thread painting of dear little Raffles. It was an honor to try to capture his sweetness.


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